Coffee Products

We offer you a wide range of different types of coffee for your Private Label coffee; Coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, and coffee cupsules. Learn more about our coffee varieties as well as their packaging solutions below or contact us for more information.

Quality coffee of your choice

Different occations, locations, and preferences require different coffees and qualities. We source coffee from all over the world for your needs.



Choose a coffee blend with excellent value for money. Quality coffee made accessible to customers on all budgets.


Fragrent and delicat blends, combined of beans from all over the world to create the coffee of your preffered taste.


Premium blends of superior quality. The most delicate coffees with perfectly balanced taste and fragrance.


Travel the world trough coffee! Explore the original and exotic flavors of coffee from specific countries or smaller areas with origin of your choice.

We pack your coffee in bags made of recyclable plastic!

In collaboration with Poly Print we have developed a series of ground-breaking foils made of recyclable plastic, which we use for our BKI coffee bags, customized and designed to your needs.

After use, the bags can be converted into anything from garbage bags, fleece, barrels and buckets! To benefit you, your customers and the environment!

Facts about our recyclable coffee bags 

  • Our coffee bags are made from reusable plastic and can be recycled into new plastic products
  • We now use 15% less plastic per bag
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by 20-23% depending on the type of bag
  • When you sort our bags as "soft plastic," you help us recycle our shared resources



Coffee and packaging solutions

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans packed in bags with a degassing valve and with sealed edges or in soft bags. 

4 corner bag
eg. 250 g - 350 g

4 corner bag
eg. 350 g - 1000 g

Soft bag
eg. 250 g - 1000 g

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee packed in soft bags, 4 corner bags with sealed edges, vacuum bags or pillow bags for correct dosage on industrial coffee machines.

Soft bag
eg. 250 g - 500 g

4 corner bag
eg. 250 g - 500 g

Vacuum bag
eg. 500 g

Pillow bag
eg. 65 g

Pillow bag
eg. 175 g - 250 g

Pillow bag
eg. 500 g - 1000 g

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee in glass jars, soft bags
or doy bags.

Glass jar
eg. 100 g

Soft bags
eg. 200 g

Doy bag
eg. 200 g

Coffee Capsules

Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules in small and big boxes made of FSC® certified cardboard.

Small box
10 x capsules

Big box
20 x capsules

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BKI product selection all stem from these coffee bags
We roast alle our coffee products
All our coffee products are manufactured in the BKI roastery