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As your full-service coffee supplier, we offer you to explore our 70+ global coffee varieties, in the creation of your preferred coffee. Our expert roasters tailor blends to your taste, ensuring exceptional flavour and quality in the roasting process, while we offer you sustainable packaging, storage, and on-time delivery and distribution solutions.


We source coffee from all over the world to create your favorite cup!

At BKI we source coffee from all over the world – cooperating and making long lasting partnerships with farmers to bring you a diverse range of more than 70 varieties of coffee beans. Handpicked to match our high standards and create the coffee you prefer: Conventional, organic, or certified as eg. Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance.

Every day, we welcome around 60 tons of green coffee beans into our roastery, ensuring a constant flow of top-quality raw materials. Always with full traceability and according to our Code of Conduct, which is our requirements to suppliers based on UN Guiding Principles and supporting the principles of UN Global Compact and Sedex.

  • +70 varieties of beans to create your custom made coffee.
  • Full traceability from farmer to cup.
  • All suppliers sign our Code of Conduct based on UN Guiding Principles aiming at promoting ethical and sustainable practices.
  • Wide range of conventional, organic, and certified coffees.
coffee bags with beans sourced from all over the world
Silos with +70 coffee varieties from all over the world

Top of class in Food Safety & Quality Management

Every batch of incoming coffee beans undergoes a rigorous approval process, ensuring only the highest standards make it to the roasting phase and hence your coffee.

Our roastery and production is certified with the IFS Food Standard at 'Higher level' as well as the ISO 9001 for quality management.

With over 70 dedicated silos for storing green beans, we ensure not only the safe storage of our beans but also secures our ability to consistently deliver on time. This commitment to infrastructure enables us to maintain a seamless supply chain, providing our clientele with the freshest and most exceptional coffee experience.

  • Certified in food safety and management standards.
  • Strict cleaning and sorting process to ensure the quality of your coffee
  • Safe storage secures our supply chain and offers you safe and fresh coffee and on time delivery.
Coffee bags in jute from BKI full-service coffee supplier
Silos with coffee from BKI full-service coffee supplier
green coffee beans in silo at BKI full-service coffee supplier
roasted coffee beans from BKI full-service supplier

Our talented roasters create the perfect coffee and roast for you

Our team of expert roasters works hand in hand with you to define the perfect roasting profile for your coffee. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product aligns exactly with your vision.

Throughout the roasting journey, we meticulously monitor all parameters as it is our responsibility to unleash and optimize the full spectrum of taste and flavor inherent in every unique coffee blend.

Our high-tech roasters boast a robust capacity of approximately 7000 kg per hour. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, we offer the most efficient and reliable operational methods available, ensuring that each batch is roasted to perfection.

  • Our roasters define your coffee profile in collaboration with you.
  • We monitor all roasting parameters to bring out the best taste, scent, and flavor in your coffee.
  • We offer the most efficient and reliable operational roasting methods on the market.
coffee roasting at roastery in BKI full-service coffee supplier
cuppers taste and quality check your coffee at BKI full-service coffee supplier

Your coffee undergoes several quality checks before product release

Our commitment to excellence continues post-roasting with a stringent quality check before the coffee earns approval for final packaging. Our skilled cuppers, possessing extensive expertise, meticulously assess acidity, body, and aroma in every packaged batch through several tasting session. 

Uur dedicated cuppers taste an impressive 300 cups daily, striving to deliver your favorite coffee. This relentless pursuit of quality assurance guarantees that each packaged coffee product is not just good, but exceptional, ensuring your satisfaction in every cup.

Our trained cupping team tastes and quality checks your coffee several times - from green been to product release, ensuring your satisfaction with every cup.

freshly roasted coffee beans at BKI full-service coffee supplier

We taste 300 cups a day to ensure your coffee

  • Our highly qualified cuppers create the perfect roasting profile for your coffee.
  • Your coffee is evaluated and quality checked severeal times - as green beean, roasted and after packaging.
  • Your coffe is always evaluateded and approved on seeveral parameters as acidity, body and aroma.
Cupper and expert taster, Casper, quality check all coffees at BKI full-service coffee supplier
BKI coffee in glasses, ready for a taste test to ensure the quality

Sustainable packaging with efficiency and care

We offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to packaging of your coffee in our sustainable coffee bags made of recyclable plastic!

Thanks to continuous investment in our production and packaging, we offer you state of the art high-speed packaging lines. Each line is operated by highly skilled staff, ensuring that we combine high-speed cost-efficient packaging with great care of every bag of coffee.

We offer an extensive range of packaging’s for your coffee – always ensuring that we in collaboration with our packaging partners create sustainable solutions that meets your expectations. 

 packaging of coffee at BKI full service coffee supplier
boxes with packed coffee from BKI full-service coffee supplier

Tailored warehousing and distribution for your conveniance

Running out of space? No worries.

As your full-service coffee supplier, we offer you comprehensive warehousing management, storage, and tailored distribution solutions. Whether you need extra room or seek seamless distribution to your end-destination, we've got you covered.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing products – we ensure the right logistics support, guaranteeing your goods reach their final stop efficiently and on time.

coffee running from BKI full-service coffee supplier
production line at BKI full-service coffee supplier
production at BKI full-service coffee supplier
roasted beans in hands from BKI full-service coffee supplier

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