Projekt Paraíso supports local coffee farmers towards a more sustainable production

Since 2018, BKI has collaborated with over 140 local coffee farmers from the Paraíso region in Brazil. 

This collaboration is aimed at helping them transition towards a more sustainable coffee production: Encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects, while producing a delicate Brazilan coffee!

In just four years, the project has already led to significant progress and improved well-being for the participating farmers. This success has prompted BKI to extend the project and launch a coffee range called BKI Paraíso Kaffe , allowing the Danish customeres to support these farmers, when choosing by drinking their coffee.

Man and wife is coffee farmers from Paraíso
family in a coffee plantation in Paraíso
two bags filled with coffee beans in Paraíso
red coffee berries in the hands of a lady in a coffee plantation in Paraíso
a mother and daughter in a coffee plantation in Paraíso

We send better conditions to local coffee farmers - they send better coffee in return!

Project Paraíso Coffee suppors the following:

  • Education for farmers on environmentally friendly and responsible coffee cultivation.
  • Training in management, bookkeeping, and sales as independent entrepreneurs.
  • Ensuring responsible waste sorting and clean drinking water in the local community.
  • Engaging youth in modern coffee production and educating children about the environment and climate.
family in a coffee plantation in Paraíso

What the farmers experience

  • The use of fertilizers is often significantly reduced for farmers.
  • A higher yield from the harvest on the same cultivated area.
  • The coffee quality is improved, allowing farmers to sell their coffee at a higher price.
  • More and better coffee means greater income and improved livelihood for each family.
coffee berries collected in Paraiso coffee plantation
two coffee farmers in coffee plantations in Paraíso

Project Paraíso supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Decent jobs and economic growth

The Paraíso Project contributes to improving the living standards of local coffee farmers by supporting the global goal of ensuring decent jobs and promoting economic growth:

  • The framework surrounding the Paraíso Project includes BKI’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which contains requirements to comply with international human rights and labor rights.

  • Coffee farmers are educated in good agricultural practices, as well as operations and finances as independent entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide assistance and skills to strengthen the business of each farmer.

  • We buy the raw beans for BKI’s Paraíso Coffee from the farmers at market prices. We only take a share of the harvest because it's important that farmers have the ability to sell their raw coffee under normal market conditions.

Responsible consumption and production

With the Paraíso Project, we work to promote more sustainable production patterns in the coffee production, including reducing pollution in the local area, trough several activities:

  • Significant reduction in the use of fertilizers and pesticides

  • Establishment of safe and proper wastewater management on coffee farms

  • Ensuring clean drinking water in the Paraíso area, including at the local school

  • Establishment of local stations for responsible waste management

  • BKI Paraíso coffee is packaged in BKI's environmentally friendly coffee bags made of recyclable plastic